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“World History Needs More Urban Mess”: A Conversation with Carl H. Nightingale

Since its launch in November 2015, the Global Urban History Blog has published posts on a range of different cities and topics. The blog grew out of the observation that an increasing number of historians are bringing together global and … Continue reading

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Mapping as Process: Food Access in Nineteenth-Century New York

Gergely Baics, Barnard College, Columbia University Geographic information system (GIS) has changed social science and humanities research through spatial analysis. It has reinvigorated the spatial turn, which has swept many fields in the past decades, improving their empirical foundations, methodological … Continue reading

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Of Rags and Riches

David Huyssen, Progressive Inequality: Rich and Poor in New York, 1890–1920, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press 2014, 392 pp, 38,- €, ISBN 978-0674281400. Reviewed by Björn Blaß, Max Planck Institute for Human Development “Neither any continental city nor even London … Continue reading

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Vicissitudes of Globality: The Many Connections of Eighteenth-century Charleston

Emma Hart, University of St Andrews What is the promise of global urban history for the pre-nineteenth-century era? As the vast majority of discussion about cities and “the global” continue to focus on the decades after 1850, I want to … Continue reading

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When New Orleans Took on New York

Bruce E. Baker, Barbara Hahn, The Cotton Kings: Capitalism and Corruption in Turn-of-the-Century New York and New Orleans, Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press 2015, 232 pp, £19.99, ISBN 9780190211653. Reviewed by Catherine Davies, FernUniversität in Hagen In 1903, the American … Continue reading

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The “Spiritual Capital” of the Rust Belt: Pittsburgh and the Postindustrial Transformation of North Atlantic Cities

Tracy Neumann, Harvard University / Wayne State University In 1973, Daniel Bell’s The Coming of Post-Industrial Society hit bookshelves just as the golden age of postwar capitalism wound to an end. In it, Bell described post-industrial society as one in … Continue reading

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Detroit: Capital of the Automotive Age

Stefan Link, Dartmouth College In 1913, Detroit’s Ford Motor Company made history when it introduced moving assembly lines into car manufacturing. In 2013, the city of Detroit declared bankruptcy. A century ago, Detroit was a fast-growing metropolis, attracting immigrants from … Continue reading

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