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No Escape

By Guy Ortolano, New York University I went urban to escape the global. Supranational histories – imperial, international, transnational, global, world – have become the default frames within which scholarship proceeds. At their best, these approaches shatter the complacencies of … Continue reading

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Liberal Cities? What Recent Elections Mean for Global Urban History

By Michael Goebel, Freie Universität Berlin The agitated politics of 2016 have led intellectuals the world over to ponder the “end of the Anglo-American order,” the “bankruptcy of the post-war world order,” and the death of “liberalism.” That this death … Continue reading

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From Rural to City Dwellers: A New Book on Indians in Kenya

Sana Aiyar, Indians in Kenya: The Politics of Diaspora, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2015, 384 pp., $49.95 / £36.95 / €45.00. Reviewed by Saima Nasar, University of Birmingham Indians have contributed to Kenya’s multiracial tapestry for centuries. At Independence, … Continue reading

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“Urban and Global History Have Been Converging”: A Conversation With Shane Ewen

The Conversations section of our blog seeks to foster critical exchange about the theoretical and methodological implications of bringing together global and urban history. The blog’s editors will occasionally interview scholars to discuss questions of global urban history, spanning across … Continue reading

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From Lancashire to the World: The Manchester Ship Canal and Globalization

Harry Stopes, University College London “The ship, prophetic feature of the City Arms, will be no longer a prophecy of what is to be; it will be the symbol of what is, the Port of Manchester, with that other feature … Continue reading

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Vicissitudes of Globality: The Many Connections of Eighteenth-century Charleston

Emma Hart, University of St Andrews What is the promise of global urban history for the pre-nineteenth-century era? As the vast majority of discussion about cities and “the global” continue to focus on the decades after 1850, I want to … Continue reading

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The Palais After Dark: Two Histories of British Dance Halls

James Nott, Going to the Palais: A Social and Cultural History of Dancing and Dance Halls in Britain, 1918–1960, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2015, 327 pp, £65.00, ISBN 978-0199605194. Dave Haslam, Life After Dark: A History of British Nightclubs & Music Venues, … Continue reading

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