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Fashioning the Colonial Metropolis: Asian Influences and Urban Identities in Colonial Mexico City

Nino Vallen, Freie Universität Berlin At the end of the seventeenth century, the Mexican artist Cristóbal de Villalpando painted the main square of Mexico City. His image of the zócalo depicts approximately 1,200 persons strolling around or standing in groups … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Chic: Left-Wing Exiles, Design, and Urbanism in Mexico City

Randal Sheppard, Universität zu Köln Mexico City was one of the most important and culturally vibrant hubs of political exile in the Western Hemisphere during the twentieth century. However, the scholarly literature about this phenomenon has so far been limited … Continue reading

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Historicizing “Urbanity”: Buenos Aires in the epidemic years

Antonio Carbone, Freie Universität Berlin Scholars in the field of urban studies have been arguing for decades about what exactly the object of their research could be. At a first glance the ‘urban’ appears as a clearly defined field of … Continue reading

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Buenos Aires and the Modern Girl

Cecilia Tossounian, CONICET (Argentina) The modern girl, who emerged during the 1920’s and 1930’s, was a global figure that circulated worldwide through commodity and cultural flows. Born and grown in the city, she was an eminently urban phenomenon. In my study of … Continue reading

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