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Hotels for Refugees: Colonialism, Migration, and Tourism in Lisbon

Christoph Kalter, University of California, Berkeley Lisbon is a peculiar metropolis. The city is the capital of a nation that one of its leading intellectuals, the sociologist Boaventura de Sousa Santos, has qualified as semi-peripheral. On the one hand, Lisbon … Continue reading

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Rangoon and Singapore: Connections, Comparisons, and the Construction of Southeast Asian Cities

Michael Sugarman, University of Cambridge November’s parliamentary elections in Myanmar have contributed to a sense of cautious optimism not only on the ground, but also amongst academics studying the Southeast Asian nation’s rich and complex history and society. While academic … Continue reading

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What’s in a Grid? Finding the Form of Settler Colonialism in Melbourne

Nadia Rhook, La Trobe University In recent years Melburnians have been educated about an episode of Australian history previously little known in non-Indigenous circles. A play, Coranderrk: we will show the country, has been performed in theatres around Melbourne, and this … Continue reading

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Imperial Cities as Cultural Nodes: A View from Early Twentieth-Century Tokyo

Jordan Sand, Georgetown University I recently published a collection of essays exploring the culture of the Japanese empire. It proved impossible to talk about this subject without talking about other empires, which provided the institutional models and many of the material … Continue reading

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The Latin Quarter and the Third World

Michael Goebel, Freie Universität Berlin Between the two World Wars, imperial centers such as London or Paris became bridgeheads for the spread of nationalism throughout the colonial world. As I argue in my recent book about Paris as an Anti-Imperial Metropolis, migration to … Continue reading

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