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Real Estate and Global Urban History: Interview with Alexia Yates

To mark the publication of new contributions to our Cambridge Elements in Global Urban History series, we will feature interviews with authors and share short excerpts from their work. Here, series co-editor Joseph Ben Prestel interviews Alexia Yates, the author … Continue reading

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The Archive Box #3: Building Colonial Capitalism in Bombay

By Sheetal Chhabria*, Connecticut College The Archive Box is a series featuring global urban historians reflecting on their archival experience, and on the practical and theoretical challenges they faced while working with a variety of archives in different cities across … Continue reading

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Brahmin Boston and the Politics of Interconnectedness

By Noam Maggor, Cornell University The first age of globalization between around 1870 and World War I created a strategic new role for cities, making them into pivotal sites for the worldwide movement of capital, goods, and labor. And yet, … Continue reading

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